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Our Clients

Our clients span a range of industries: IT, Telco and BPO. One thing they share is a vision to achieve success through hiring the right people so that they can grow and succeed together.

The practice of Valuety HR is developed by seasoned HR consultants with rich experience in both in-house & agency recruitment for companies of varying size. We understand that every business has its own challenges and we always accommodate our approach to better service the needs of the Client.

Why companies
trust us?

of service

We aim for the best and strive
to work to industry highest
standards, offering
approachable, dependable and
result-oriented cooperation.


We value your time and present to you only effectively рre-selected candidates who closely match your requirements.

Access to
passive candidates

We use a mix of recruitment channels but at the heart of our communication campaigns is engaging high-profile passive candidates.

In-depth interviews
with insights

We use behavioral based interview questions and share with the Client a summary with insights on each candidate’s attitude and motivation.

Personal profile

When needed, we also include personality questionnaires to deliver the insights that you need to build a high-performance team.


We represent your organization professionally throughout the process and in accordance with your company’s policies, culture and values.

No cost until you

Final choice of candidate is made by the Client and commission fee is due only after successfully hiring an employee.


We offer to replace free of charge a candidate who has left the company within the first 3 to 6 months of employment (period is specified per position)

Our process

1Get in touch with us

Contact us at office@valuetyhr.com or 0889 262 002. Within 1 or 2 business days we will send you our detailed offering for cooperation & set up a meeting.

2Client meeting

During this meeting (circa 1 hour) we aim to understand your recruitment needs and present our approach so that you can make an informed choice on the benefits of working with us.

3Framework contract

We will provide you with our framework contract and if needed, we can make amendments according to our preliminary agreements.

4Recruitment & Interviews

You can expect receiving a short-list of candidates within 1-2 weeks for standard job openings to 3+ weeks for high in demand job profiles.

5Hiring a candidate

We can assist also with making a compelling job offer to the approved candidate and / or also provide courteous feedback to those who have not been selected.

6New job opening assignment

Nothing brings more joy to us than working for a returning Client who sustainably continues to grow a successful team of employees.